One video = $65 Mil. Really??

Mar 3, 2017
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How one, unknown, small business got:

** 12,000 subscriptions in 48 hours

** $65 million in revenue in 2 years

** An investor to come down off the fence and invest $100,000 in startup phase

** To go head to head with an industry giant… and WIN

The business in question was appealing to a broad audience about a relatively boring, ordinary product.

Wanna know how it happened?

The Story

The business is: Dollar Shave Club

DSC offers a subscription based service where their customers get high grade razors delivered to them at a fraction of the cost of buying razors in store.

As a startup, they decided to run an explainer/ promo video on YouTube. The video would:

  • Show potential customers how DSC worked
  • Handle the main concern they thought people would have about the service (that any razors that cheap would be rubbish)
  • Build a strong relationship with viewers from the outset with a strong brand personality

The Video…

… Featured the founder and CEO of DSC,Michael Dublin, walking through their warehouse, talking directly to the camera about the service.

The script was funny, Dubin’s delivery was nothing short of awesome.

And when he went to pitch the idea of the company to Michael Jones of Science Inc. Jones said that “I wasn’t wholly persuaded by the profit margins on the just-a-few-bucks-per-razor concept.”

But when Dubin presented the rough cut of the video he intended to use on YouTube, Jones “knew that Science Inc. needed to come on board and back the brand that was stirring up the pricey men’s grooming marketplace.”

The video was worked on until they had a single shot, 90 second video.

It went out.

And 48 hours later, DSC had 12,000 new customers.

Two years after that first video came out, the little business with a vision had done $65 million in revenue.

And, my favourite bit of this whole story, Gillette saw what was happening and were so impressed/worried (not sure which, but I have my suspicions)… They introduced a similar service for their own product.

Nobody gave a shit.

Because DSC had already established themselves as THE go to subscription service for razors. Gillette was too little, too late.

Let’s Be Honest, Shall We?

Now, I could sit here and say that DSC are where they are today purely because of that one video.

I mean, that would look good for me, the person who’s actively looking for more video marketing clients, right?

It would also make me an arsehole.

DSC made a huge splash with that video. It went viral. And they DID get people through the door. Quote a lot of people in anybodies eyes.

But beyond the video, DSC made sure that they kept their audience engaged (using video and a ton of other quirky, unique content for their fans and customers).

They made their customer experience EXCELLENT with gorgeous welcome packages that carried the brand personality through.

And they constantly run campaigns to keep their customers sharing their brand around like sweets.


What about you?

You probably don’t have a product that appeals to half the population. Or investors.

But you probably DO have

  • A business model that solves a real problem for your clients
  • A brand personality (hint: it’s YOUR personality)
  • An idea of the concerns your clients might have before they sign up
  • A ton of other content that you’re using to attract, nurture, and sell to your clients

And that’s ALL you need to create a video that will attract your ideal clients and have them fall in love with you.

Will your video be a viral hit success? I don’t know.

But can you optimise it to capture imaginations and hearts, while starting a conversation between you and your peeps?


Bottom line: Video is here. It’s powerful. And brand videos that appeal to the HUMAN who is buying from you is where it’s all going.

Now, you can argue the point and wait a little while to come round to the idea.

Or you can establish yourself as a leader, show your people exactly who you are, and get the word out there to everyone who needs you.

And I’m BURSTING at the seams to do this with you.

Full disclosure: I want to be able to write case studies like this for my OWN clients. 

Selfish, but true.

So what do ya say?

Ready to create the kind of video campaign that explodes your business and gets you that attention you deserve?

I know this isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants that kind of exposure and not everyone can handle that kind of business right now.

So what I’m offering IS ONLY for you if:

  • You have an existing service that is proven to get results for your clients
  • You genuinely want to be seen by the masses
  • You can handle a huge influx in sales
  • You have a personality
  • You have a message you believe in

If you tick ALL of the above, then I’m inviting you to a FREE 30 minute session with me to talk about the video(s) that will take you from being a tribe leader to a world wide Influencer.

Hit the link below to book your call.

Oh, and one last thing that you’re probably wondering about… the Dollar Shave Club video?

Cost $4500

And when you watch it, you’ll see that it’s not a quaffed, special effect laden, “fancy” video.

It works because the company understands their prospects, the content is engaging and the delivery was brilliant.

Ready to adapt that for your own business?

Here’s that link again:



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