FFS – Now I have to change my mind. PUBLICLY!

Nov 2, 2016
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This is a pretty regular uncommon thought (that’s a real thing, so Shh!).

I’m betting I’m not the only person who’s ever had it either.

Have you ever told yourself something soooo often, that it became your war cry?

EVERYONE who knows you knows exactly what will happen if they bring a certain subject up. In fact some of your more minxy friends will purposely open that particular can of worms when you’re in social situations – just to watch the firework display (and laugh at the reactions from people who don’t know you).

You’re so ADAMANT in your opinion about this thing…

Until one day, something happens.

And you start to look at it a slightly different way. It doesn’t piss you off as much as it used to.

And then you start to even appreciate it a little.

Then all of a sudden, without noticing at first, your opinion and feelings on that THING that used to get you so riled up…

Has done a complete 180!

And now you’re in the OTHER camp.

You find yourself listening to others who share your OLD opinion, and you jump in with in argument for the OTHER side!

And it’s like, “Holy shitballs! Now I look like I’m a hypocrite with everything that I’ve been saying for the past [insert time period here]”.


You’re NOT a Hypocrite

Not even anywhere close.

The truth is that the thoughts, feelings, and opinions that you held on to so tightly before were actually born from a place of disbelief or some kind of skewed self-doubt.

They were a story that you made up in your own head to forge a piece of your identity.

And they served you well. You probably made a statement and stuck ot it and were proud of it.

So why has it changed so much now?

Because YOU are admitting what you wanted all along.

You’re opening yourself up and telling yourself that actually, all that stuff that you protested about IS OK.

  • It’s ALRIGHT to go after the sale like a pitbull
  • It’s ALRIGHT to say whatever you want and turn people away if they don’t like it, or are not even open to listening
  • It’s ALRIGHT to want the fame, and fortune

In fact it’s MORE than alright…

It’s YOUR right.

You have the right to do, say, and BE anyone you want to be.

Nobody has the right to tell you that you can’t do something. Not me, not your coach, not your mother!

This is your life. And you are SOLELY responsible for living it in a way that lights you up inside and makes you treasure every single second of it.


There IS a Flip Side to This

If you’re CONSTANTLY changing your mind about who you want to be and what you want to do and never being able to follow through on anything?

Then you need to take a loooong hard look at yourself.

Something isn’t adding up.

If you’re showing up as one person on a Monday, then retreating for a month and reinventing yourself as somebody else…

You’re stuck in a place you don’t belong.

And that place is sucking the life out of you.

Wouldn’t you rather be free to express yourself however you wanted, all the time attracting the people who you could happily live on a desert island with?

Wouldn’t you rather walk out of your home and feel like you were walking ten feet above the ground because you were THAT confident and sure of yourself?

Wouldn’t you rather be known all over the world because of the things that you TRULY believe in – the things that you will NEVER do a 180 on?

I sure as hell would.

That’s what I’ve dedicated myself to.

And it’s taken a looong amount of time to get to this point.

Sometimes, every day in fact, there’s a part of me that STILL wants to sink back into the “average” place.

Where it’s “safe”.

Where I’m not “at risk”.

But that same, humdrum, safe place…

Sucks the life out of me.

And I want to LIVE.

I want to attack EVERYTHING with my FULL dedication.

And when I KNOW I’m doing that, there’s no feeling like it.

I can’t fail.

YOU Can’t Fail

Not when you’re

  • 100% YOU
  • Doing the things that you 100% WANT to do
  • GIVING it 100% of yourself

So… the million £ question:

WHO are you REALLY?



If that question is bringing up a tornado of thoughts, feelings, and maybe even a little tightness in your chest, it’s time we sorted that out once and for all.

You KNOW you could be a POWERHOUSE leader – but it starts with being TRUTHFUL with yourself.

I’ve got 6 places to work with me totally 1:1 for 4 weeks to uncover your truth, find the heart and soul of your business and put it on display in your OWN way that will ONLY attract your perfect peeps and your dream life.

When you message me, tell me everything you think I need to know, and we’ll go from there. This is YOUR time <3

Message me now to unleash YOUR truth.





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