Fuck Growing Up!

Nov 1, 2016
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I’ve spent a lifetime of making plans and then told myself “it’s OK” to not go through with them.

Even when those plans have been something that have been IMPORTANT to me.

Even when those plans have been important to my family.

Even when those plans have been my DREAM.

And every time I didn’t follow through, I got down on myself, beat myself up, and went to the dark side.

Do you ever do the same?

Have you ever wondered WHY?

Well I don’t know about you, but for me – it was because somewhere, deep down, I didn’t really BELIEVE that:

I *could* do it
I *deserved* to have it
I was “that kind of person*

And in the end?

It was all utter BOLLOCKS!

And I’m betting, no, I’m CERTAIN that it’s the same for you.

Because when you were a kid, before you ‘knew’ that the world was a “harsh place” and that people “never get what they want”…

You probably had a huge amount of dreams.

I remember wanting to be a thousand different things when I grew up.

One day I would want to be a singer, then a dancer, then a lawyer, then a journalist, then an author, then an actress…

And NEVER did I think “well I have to pick one and stick to it”


“That’s a really hard industry to break into”.

I just WANTED to do it. Because it was cool, I thought I’d have fun, and that was that!

How many different things did you want to be growing up?

And WHEN did you start to think that they were impossible?

For me, it was when I was taught that:

You had to work hard to get there
You have to be more talented than everyone else if you want the job/part
You have to get a string of qualifications before anyone will respect you

And tons of other limiting beliefs.

So when I “grew up” – I started to get realistic about things.

I had to settle down and get a job.

I had to do something that made sense, not that made me light up inside – because you don’t get paid to be happy, right?

So I went out and did all the normal shit. And I was fine with it.

Apart from the fact that ‘fine’ has never really been good enough for me.


THESE are the words and feelings that I wanted. And even though I didn’t really know how to get there, or even acknowledged the feeling fully, I KNEW that something wasn’t right.

When things changed and I was forced into exploring the less conventional options for work, that’s when all the feelings of “I won’t settle” and “I can be SO MUCH MORE” started to surface.

And then they started to bubble.

And then they started to overflow.

And if you’ve felt those things, which I know you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now –

I couldn’t STOP feeling that way.

Every day since then  been about going after a life that’s epic.

Impacting the world in an awesome way.

Feeling incredible about my work, my life and MYSELF.

But it didn’t come all at once.

I spent ages floundering, dipping one toe in and then running away,

Being all “Hell YEAH” and then “fuck NO”.

And even now, as I’m sat here writing this, I know that there are things I’m holding back from.

Things that I should be saying, doing, ACTING on right NOW.

I’m definitely a work in progress.

But I feel like the work is REAL now, it’s with PURPOSE.

And I know this post seems like it’s about me,

But it’s about YOU too.

Because if you’re sat there, watching YOUR life pass you by, thinking that there has to be something more,

But you’re completely lost

Then you need to know where to start.

And after years of thinking it’s about:

  • Getting more visibility
  • Having more confidence
  • Looking and dressing a certain way
  • Being accepted by the right people
  • Creating amazing offers
  • Being able to sell like fuck

I’ll tell you that NONE of that is even possible…

Unless you KNOW yourself

Unless you UNDERSTAND yourself

Unless you let yourself BE yourself

THAT’S when the other stuff comes.

You can go through the whole of your life not knowing yourself – trust me.

I’ve seen people do it.

And I’ve gone from wondering “why people have to go and search for themselves, I mean – you’re YOU? Who the fuck else are you going to be? How can you lose yourself??” << something I’ve actually said when I was younger,

To “What the fuck happened, how did I end up here, where did all the promise and the potential go? Who AM I? What do I WANT??” << something I said to myself when I was all grown up.

It’s possible to live that way,

You don’t HAVE to find yourself and own your truth,

But don’t expect to find the epic, awesome, and incredible there.

Or the confidence, style, sales patter, impact, or whatever else you want.

Those things only come when you throw EVERYTHING else out and you not only BE yourself, but you LOVE yourself too.

It’s not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being the BEST version of yourself – and FEELING it.

And I honestly believe that to do that, we all need to get a little immature about things again.

Admit to the things that you want to do in life, even if they seem like crazy dreams.

Admit to the way you want to dress and be seen by others – even if you think you ‘shouldn’t’ dress that way/

Admit to wanting MORE – because the world is BUILT by people who looked at something and tried to make it better.

We are the ones who instigate change in others, yes.

But we can’t do that if we refuse to be honest about who we are!

And for the record?

You’re fucking AMAZING. So stop hiding it.



If you KNOW you have that message, and truth inside you – but over the years, you’ve been (by others AND yourself) that you have to bury that message deep down so you can “grow up and fit in” – then you need to message me NOW.

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