I was Such a Gimp!

Nov 4, 2016
Posted by admin

I am me

When I first started using ‘social media marketing’,

I started to follow certain people – as you do

And I’d try to engage with people, as you do

But it was strained. Forced. Not ‘right’.

To be honest, I was a total gimp with people,

Telling people that I loved their content, I loved their post, I loved their hair, their nails, their left eyebrow…

Talk about stalker vibes!

It makes me cringe just to think about it,

But the thing is, I STILL say that stuff to people – and it doesn’t make me cringe at all.

So what’s the difference?

The difference is…

I’m not TRYING to market myself,

Or connect with influencers
Or build relationships with would-be clients
Or try to make people like me and respect me please, please, PLEASE

I’m just hanging out online, scrolling though my newsfeed and GENUINELY reacting to the things I see –

WITHOUT an agenda

Does that mean I’m not hustling and making money?


But my hustle comes FROM me
OUT of me

This post?

This is part of my messaging. It’s something I want to share with anyone and everyone who needs to hear it.

The conversations I have with people as a result of this are purely about connecting, talking, and sharing.

I hustle to share my MESSAGE

I don’t hustle PEOPLE

MY clients understand what I’m trying to achieve, they believe they can step up to be a global brand, and they SELF SELECT themselves to work with me.

And I’ve got to tell you,

I’ve only *just* started to realise all of this

I don’t mean I’ve only just started to KNOW this – It’s something I’ve read about countless times.

It’s something I’ve told OTHERS countless times.

I understood the concept, the reasoning, everything about it…

But I didn’t do it.

There was always a part of me  – even if it was tiny – that  thought, I NEED to get people to like me to buy my shit,

I NEED to make people happy if they’re ever going to trust me,

I NEED to be better if people are ever going to take me seriously…

I know, talk about needy, huh?!

The WEIRDEST thing is,

That’s NOT who I am as a person

In ‘real life’, I ONLY listen to the opinions of the people I care about

And if you ask anyone who’s REALLY close to me (parents or husband), they’ll happily tell you that I have a baaaad tendency to do whatever the hell I want – no matter WHO tells me I’m making a mistake.

If somebody doesn’t like me?

I don’t care. They don’t MATTER to me. Why would they?

If somebody thinks I’m stupid? I don’t care. I know I’m not.

So if I’m like that in real life, WHY was I constantly trying to impress, wow, and endear people  online?

Since I started to think like this, things have been soooo much easier for me.

I still interact with people, in fact I interact MUCH more than I ever did before.

I’m always operating in my #MemZone where I know that there is NOTHING I can do in my life to fuck it up so badly that I lose anything important.

In the last couple of days alone, I must have spoken to 50 different people. Sometimes it’s been an in depth conversation, sometimes it’s just been a written nod of acknowledgement to a fellow #boss.

IT was all natural though. I didn’t start thinking about how I could turn the conversation into a sales pitch. I tell people what I do and how to work with me all the time, I don’t need to sell in my conversations.

So what about you?

Do you feel as though you’re constantly trying to MAKE people think of yo in a certain way?


It’s not your job to CHANGE people’s opinions of you.

Your ONLY job is to do what you do. Say what you’ve got to say, keep working on your OWN dream and open the door up for others to step inside with you.

Then let your people decide.

Other people’s reaction to you,


So please, stop trying to be somebody else’s idea of perfect. I meant to be truthful, what you THINK they want, is probably off the mark anyway. So if you act a certain way because you assume that’s what your clients need from you – you’re probably pushing them away.

If you’ve been feeling tired, like it’s too HARD to be visible all the time and you need to shrink away – I’m telling you RIGHT now that you’re probably wasting a TON of energy trying to be somebody you’re not

That shit will drain you faster than a thirsty elephant drinks a puddle.

Who ARE you?

What do you BELIEVE in?

What are you here to FIGHT for?

Talk about that.

BE that person.


Anything else is just you begging for attention. And A-listers don’t beg.

We simply march forward and our people fall in beside us.



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