Oct 18, 2016
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Unique idea! Painting the flowers....yellow! Lots of possibilities! Girl / Child / photography:

I meet so MANY amazing people every day who are on a MISSION
To change the world they see around them
And beyond.
Whether they’re,
Business coaches helping others to live life on their own terms,
Brand managers helping others to create their epic vision,
Nutritionists helping others to feel strong, energised, and powerful,
Mindset masters helping people to SEE the limitless opportunities and have the confidence to go get them,
And the countless other people who are there to HELP other be the best possible version of themselves –
And live a wealthy life in EVERY sense…
These people inspire me.
They’re not ‘lucky’ to do something that they love every day and get paid.
They’re not ‘fortunate’ to be connected to people in the “High Achievers” circle.
They’re not “randomly” in the right place at the right time.
Most of the “HOLY SHIT” kinda successful people I know,
Came from NOTHING.
They’re not from a privileged background
They don’t have all the letters of the alphabet after their names,
They WORK for it.
Every. Single. Day.
Every day they improve their mindset,
Reach out to new people,
Strengthen their relationships,
Give, give, GIVE all that they can to their followers…
And they DON’T do it for the money
Although I’m sure that their vision always involved a certain lifestyle,
Where they didn’t worry about money,
They did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and created wealth along the way.
But do you think the money is what kept them going?
For the days, months, and in some case YEARS,
Where they didn’t seem to get ANY return on their investment of time, money, and effort?
A few quid doesn’t make you go through all that shit.
It doesn’t keep you going when everyone around you is telling you,
“You gave it your best shot. But I think it’s time to get real now and get a job.”
If you stop a person on the street right now – ANYONE – and ask them
“Would you like to have more money, more savings, a business where you make your own hours, do whatever you want and have the most AMAZING lifestyle because of it?”…
How many people do you think would say NO to that?
But how many people do you think actually CREATE that life for themselves?
Maybe 1-2% of the population.
And you COULD argue (as I’m sure a lot of people reading this will do),
That not everyone CAN create that life.
Well I agree,
Sort of.
Lots of people will start – they’ll see others travelling the world,
Staying in amazing places,
Having a RIDICULOUS amount of fun,
All in the name of WORK,
And they think “Hey! I’ll do that”.
And off they toddle,
Grand plans in hand
They weather the first storm whn they see that actually – to grow your following, and impact people is a lot more difficult than these other high flyers seem to make it
Actually, having something worthwhile to say isn’t as easy as it seems,
ACTUALLY, it takes a LOT more than just a “want” to be rich to actually CREATE a rich life…
So how come it comes so easy for one person,
And so HARD for another?
Because one of those people’s sole reason for being there is to take more money and live the high life.
The OTHER person, wants all of that, yes. BUT… They do EVERYTHING from a place where they want to instigate CHANGE in others.
They want to do ONE thing (at the start, it tends to grow with time) that has an impact on the way we live in this world.
They want to take what they know,
All the good thing they’ve experienced,
All the shit they’ve had to wade through,
And they want to SHARE that with other people.
Because THEY see that all this bollocks going on in the world,
And they’ll go though life spreading that message as far and wide as possible.
And if ONE person gets it, in ALL the time that they’re talking about it?
Then they’ll die with a smile on their face.
THAT is a leader.
It never fails to amuse me when people see billionaires and think they’re money grabbing bastards.
If you think like that, then that’s on YOU.
Plain and simple.
Because what MOST people (the other 98-99% of the population) DON’T see or understand,
Or don’t WANT to see or understand,
Is that those people
(And not in a weird alien popping out of their stomach kind of way).
So if you’re sat there, wondering why you’re not being given everything you ever wanted on a plate,
Even though you never actually thought about what YOU could give to other people,
Or WHO you could be to inspire the people that NEED you,
And you just EXPECT the world to reorganise itself the way YOU want it to be,
Then no.
I won’t help you.
Because the people I work with?
Who I am?
We’re change makers.
We see things differently.
You’re thinking in 2D and we left 3D behind years ago.
We operate from a place where there are NO limits to what you can do.
And we hold each other up to that notion
Now, don’t for a minute get this twisted and think that I’m saying it’s all about giving and never receiving.
That doesn’t even make sense, does it?
To give all your energy, and never receive anything to give you the power to keep moving?
So yes.
I believe that WEALTH, in every aspect of the term –
Loving relationships
Financial PROWESS
Adventurous experiences –
ALL BELONG to you ,
And I know that again, to a lot of people reading this,
The phrase “change the world”
Might seem delusional, or grandiose.
That’s OK. Because I’m not actually talking to them.
And I couldn’t give a flying feck what their tunnel vision is showing them.
Because if you want to make money without changing the world, then you can do. People do it all the time. They graft hard at work. They move up the ranks. They build a life for themselves.
But that’s not what I’M about.
Which is why I’m talking to YOU.
The person who is sat there, having a coffee, absorbing these words
That this is all true.
This is EVERYTHING you’ve been feeling, written down in plain English.
That feeling that you’re experiencing right now is your FIRE.
And that sucker is lit UP.
It’s time to go out there, and start changing things.
Because you know that you can create, build, and MOVE
ANYTHING you want.
So dig deep, and tell the world what you want to do.
In fact, why not leave a comment here?
Your words have power.
Say it, then go and take action.
P.S. I’m on a mission to get ALL the change makers of the world to own their message and inspire millions. Check out this video, and share your story: https://youtu.be/pN5gcHzf5Mk
P.P.S Living a life of wealth while you impact millions starts with identifying your message and WHO you need to be to deliver that message. I’m inviting 10 LEADERS to Manchester for a day where we will bring that version of you to LIFE.
You’ll spend the day masterminding and hustling with 9 other change makers (and me) who are ALL operating at the higher level. Can you even IMAGINE the kind of conversations and sheer BOMBSHELLS that will going of that day?
You’ll also be living the wealthy lifestyle in luxury suite, where you’ll have a style makeover to bring version 2.0 of you into existence in front of our own eyes. Because seeing is believing baby!
Lastly, you’ll have a micro shoot so that you can put the new, purposeful you on display wherever you want to in business.
This is without doubt the BEST possible way to wrap up this year – whatever it’s held for you – and catwalk into 2017 full of POWER.
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