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Dec 14, 2016
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slay self sabotage

This year has been life-changing for me.

Not in a “I made a million pounds, lost 5 stone, and bought a mansion!” kinda way.

But in a “Holy shit, I FINALLY started to listen to myself, and it turns out I’m a pretty smart cookie!” kinda way.

The biggest realisation for me, was that it’s all bullshit.

All that stuff about not being able to do something,

Not being good enough to ___________

Not being qualified enough to ____________

Not being ready to ___________

You know better than anyone how to fill in those blanks, it’s the same stuff that crops up in your head and holds you back from living, working, and BEING the way you feel deep down.

You might be thinking;

“But Memma, that IS the way I feel deep down. All the other times, I’m pretending.

I’m putting on a show of confidence.

I’m pretending to be an expert, but I don’t believe it.

I say I’m ready to leap, but I can never quite make it unless I’ve got a parachute.”

I get it. I felt the same way for years.

Even when I had PROOF that I could help people because they told me.

Even when I had EVIDENCE that I was ready because I actually moved forward in my life, and my business.

There was still that nagging voice. The voice from “deep down”, that whispered to me; “Who do you think you ARE? Step off the stage now, before you get laughed off!”.

But here’s the kicker,

Beyond that voice, wayyyyy down, past the pit of despair that you allow yourself to wallow in,

Is the truth.

And the TRUTH, my friend,

Is that NONE of this is REAL.

The doubts, the lack of knowledge, the un-readiness,

It’s all in your head.

And I’m not downplaying this. I KNOW that the emotions and the turmoil you feel are real.

What I’m saying is,

They don’t HAVE to be.

This cosy little self-sabotage pattern that you wrap yourself up in?

It’s self-created.

It SERVES you in some way.

Don’t believe me?

Well then why the FUCK have you been holding on to it for so long??

I held on to my own self sabotage for so long. Even when I thought I was flying, there would come a point, where I’d pull the chord, wait for my parachute to open, and it would be that big, woolly self-sabotaging comfort blanket and I’d crash.

And do you know what I’d tell myself?

I’m burnt out.

I’ve hit a plateau, that’s normal.

I’m stuck now because I don’t know what the next step.

How REASONABLE does all that sound? Perfectly acceptable, right?

And therein lies the problem.

It DOES make sense.

It IS acceptable.

NOBODY would blame you for feeling that way.


You can’t stay there.

It’s not comfortable.

It makes your skin itch.

It makes your heart cry.



Deeeeeep down, you KNOW that there is more out there, and more within YOU.

And every time you pull back, give up, give in to the temptation of playing small…

You feel as though you’re dying inside.

You can’t ignore those feelings anymore.

And you can’t keep trudging around in circles.

I know from experience that it’s utterly EXHAUSTING.

And painful.

And just plain old SHITTY.

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been doing some deep inner work.

I’ve been looking at my OWN self sabotaging patterns, and I’ve been slaying them,

One. By. One.

And it’s working.

The times I’ve felt like falling back and hiding away?

I’ve manage to get back on track. And I’ve done it quicker each time.

The times I’ve felt scared to reach out to people for help?

I’ve managed to find the courage to do it anyway. With CONFIDENCE.

The times I’ve been scared of following up a sales conversation because I “don’t want to badger people or seem too desperate” << BIG sabotaging story right there!

Not only did I do it, I got the fucking sale. Because all my ASSUMPTIONS over how people would react, were WRONG.

Now, if I can do it, then I’m sure as shit that YOU can do it too.

But you’ve gotta slay those patterns.

And I want to help you with that.

That’s why tomorrow, I’m hosting a FREE, LIVE training on “Slay Self Sabotage”. All you have to do is join this group:

Not only will I showing you everything I’ve learnt to get through the bullshit stories I created, I’ll also be showing you the story behind the story.

That’s the REAL reason those self-limiting beliefs crop up. Because guess what?

You’re not afraid of “being visible”. You’re afraid of the judgement you might get if you’re seen being the awesome person that you are. And that comes from something that happened in your past, something you thought you let go of, but you didn’t.

That’s just ONE example – I’ve got a ton of others that I’ll be going through on the training and I’ll be showing you how to trace it all back to the starting point.

Because THAT is how you slay your self-sabotaging patterns.

I’ll be going real deep, real quick.

This is without doubt, THE most honest, raw, and powerful training I have EVER done.

And it’s a game changer.

I know you’re excited about 2017. You can feel the buzz in the air. It seems like everyone is having major shifts in their lives and businesses. Including YOU.

Let’s make sure these old patterns don’t rock up and piss all over your parade.

Join the free Facebook group and get ready for the “Slay Self Sabotage” live training.

This is everything.



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