The Death of Personal Branding Photoshoots

Oct 19, 2016
Posted by admin
The personal branding photoshoot as you know it…
It’s dead.
Just like simply “selling a solution” is dead.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t be solving a real problem for your
It’s just that the solution ALONE isn’t good enough to shift people’s arses into gear.
And really, didn’t we already know that?
We’ve been told for years that “people buy people”.
So with that in mind, entrepreneurs flooded their websites with very professional photos of themselves.
Now, when people landed on the sites, they could see the person BEHIND the business. And it worked.
For a while.
But I don’t think it’s working anymore.
When I see the same poses, in the same clothes, in the same kind of locations,
I don’t see the person.
I see a diluted copy of somebody else.
Is that who YOU are?
A diluted copy?
I don’t think so.
You’re fierce.
You’re funny.
You’re ever so slightly bat shit crazy.
You’ve got razor sharp wit (that’s probably landed you in trouble a few times).
There isn’t another version of you on the planet.
That’s true for all of us.
So it’s time to put the “Personal Branding Photoshoot” to rest.
Because NOW is the time for
PersonalITY Branding shoots.
In fact, personality branding. Period.
I see so many people trying to fit in to an image of who they *think* their clients want them to be.
But what they’re going off, isn’t what their clients want,
It’s what they see other people doing in their industry
It’s how they THINK they should talk
Or look
Or act
Do you do that?
How does it make you feel?
I’m guessing:
Like you’re in a straight jacket and you can’t really say or do the things that you WANT to do with your clients
And just a heads up…
We can SEE that you’re not being yourself
We can FEEL that yo’re holding back, covering up, or deflecting from who you REALLY are
And the truth is,
Because of that,
We don’t feel like we can TRUST you
There’s something OFF
We don’t KNOW you
And we can’t really be sure if we LIKE you – not fully
And there you have it.
The “Know, Trust, Like Factor” rears its brutally honest head.
If we don’t feel like we can CONNECT with you,
Because you’re holding a barrier up,
Then how will we ever get to a place where we can BUY from you?
So no.
The pretty smiles in a nice outfit in a hotel suite won’t work.
On their own.
We need something more.
We need to see YOU.
Honestly, is there only THAT side to you?
Don’t you have hobbies, friends, a silly side that we can relate to?
Why don’t we ever see it?
What are you afraid of??
It’s time to ditch the perfectionism and show us the REAL you.
That’s why I’m dedicated to bringing your character out.
It’s why the Paparazzi Party in Manchester isn’t a way to put more pretty pictures on your website.
It’s your chance to show people what your business is REALLY about.
Who you REALLY are.
What you TRULY believe in.
THOSE are the reasons we’ll buy from you.
And it’s an opportunity for you to connect back in with that. And to stay connected with it every time you see those images.
So that you’re ALWAYS authentic wherever you are.
It’s OK to be different.
In fact, it’s better than OK.
It’s bloody lovely!
P.S. Ready for your very own Personality Branding shoot? We’ll talk about:
Who you want to show up as
The true essence of your business
The things parts of your personality that your ideal clients will relate to straight away,
How to bring all of those things to life in your own half day shoot.
As Creative Director, I’ll help you to plan everything for the shoot in minute detail.
From hair and makeup (I’ll bring my makeup artist and hair stylist) to props, location, wardrobe, the look and feel for each photo etc.
We’ll also have a plan for the photos – where and how they can be used in your business; Sales funnels, websites, opt-in offers…
We’ll take a range of different styles of photos for each purpose. And of course you’ll be able to use photos more than once for different purposes.
This whole package is FREE when you sign up and pay in full for the Paparazzi Party.
So you’ll actually get a micro shoot
The half day personality branding shoot
Paparazzi style shots from our party day
A whole HEAP of guidance about bringing your brand to life in your images, copy, and offers.
Get it all here:
OR you can send me a message right now to talk about doing just the personality branding shoot.



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