To the Death!!

Nov 16, 2016
Posted by admin
I am- to the death
I don’t want “here today, gone tomorrow” followers
I want a “to the death” ARMY who are ready to soak up everything I have to offer, fight for what they believe in, and stand UP and be noticed.
To put another spin on it – I’m a coca cola girl all the way (although I tend not to drink it anymore because it’s not on my list of things that strengthen my body – unless I’m having it with a cheeky whiskey of course haha).
I drink Pepsi if it’s the only thing they serve in the pubs – but when I’ve got a choice? It’s coca cola all the way!
Part of that is because of the taste.
Part of it is because of the Christmas advert (don’t laugh, you know you get a tingly feeling when you here “holidays are coming” and see that truck!).
And part of it is because I’ve been on team cola for so long, it feels wrong to go over to the blue camp!
Now I think we can all agree that this is a pretty trivial thing to feel so strongly about.
And yet I do.
Plenty of others do too.
And both Coca Cola and Pepsi are huge brands. So maybe we can all take a leaf out of their book when it comes to creating a brand that people love.
Because really? It’s not about how you package up your stuff.
It’s about how you package YOU.
When you’re a personality brand, and you want those “to the death” clients, followers, tribe, army… whatEVER you want to call them –
It means that YOU have to be “to the death” too.
Don’t think Coke or Pepsi are “to the death”?
Then you need to jog on.
Coke (I don’t follow or care about Pepsi, I think I made that clear) constantly come up with new ways to call in their people and make a product that is OLD seem new and fun – every year.
They do it by tapping into our inherent need to be around the people we love most – Remember the “Share a Coke” campaign that had everyone snapping pics of their named bottles of coke?
They do it by tapping into our wishes – Remember THAT Christmas advert, the first time it was ever aired and the way people around the world said it made them feel?
They do it by tapping into our vision of unity – “The World’s Cup” campaign showed us how powerful a shared love (of football in this case) could be.
Obviously not everyone has the budget that Coke does to run campaigns.
It’s no excuse to run boring campaigns
It’s no excuse to run uninspired campaigns
It’s no excuse to act like you don’t give a shit about your followers
It’s no excuse to hide away and decide that you don’t want to be honest with your people and see things through “to the death”
But if you DO want to use excuses like budget, being new, not having enough testimonials, or whatever other bullshit you tell yourself as to why you can’t be having a SERIOUS impact on SOMEBODY’S life right now –
And just so you know, if you’re looking to change the lives of thousands, or even millions, but you sit there telling yourself that the 10, 5 ,or even ONE client/follower that you have “isn’t enough” – then you’ve seriously got your knickers over your head and you should sort that shit out!
If you want to gather all the droppings of BS up and heap them into a biiiiig old wall that you say you can’t scale to get to where you want to be…
Then why the hell SHOULD you have “to the death” people with you?
You get what you give. Plain and simple.
If you play small, you get small results, and a small group of people who also stay small.
If you go “to the death” then you throw all the excuses out of the window and dedicate yourself to giving everything you can to your people.
And they’ll reward you by being there… Every step of the way… To the death.
By the way – this is linked VERY closely to something I’ll be running early next year. It’s not ready to announce just yet – but make sure you plant that seed of thought in your mind… 😉



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