Uplevelling, Breathing Fire, and a Chilled Sunday? Standard!

Oct 16, 2016
Posted by admin

Don’t you just love a chilled Sunday?

Not the kind where you binge eat and watch re-runs of films.

The kind when everything is CALM.

Your mind gets a chance to breathe.

It inhales inspiration and breathes out…


Everything seems to swim into focus,

And the vision you have of your future is crystal clear.

Today, I’ve connected with some seriously awesome women.

And it got me to thinking about the kind of women who will be joining me for my Paparazzi Party.

Straight away, I got a picture of a woman…

She wants to be on the world stage. She’s been trying to be seen, doing all the usual things that people tell you to do, but she’s not getting the recognition that she needs.

She’s confident in her ability to change the world, but she doesn’t know how to get people to listen to her.

She knows that she’s special. She’s switched on. She’s bubbling up with all the messages she needs to share and the journey she’s MEANT to take people on.

She knows that there are people out there right now who need her.

But she can’t get anyone to listen.

She can’t seem to stand straight while everyone else leans forward.

And she knows what the problem is.

She’s always known what the problem is really. And to a certain extent, she knows how to fix it.

But for some reason she’s held back.

And the more she held back, the scarier it seemed to move FORWARD.

Until now.

Because now she knows…

It’s time to take ACTION.

She knows that NOBODY follows a leader who won’t stand in their power.

She knows that nobody will listen to somebody who keeps their deepest, most powerful feelings to themselves.

She knows she needs to:

Shed the skin of the woman who nods along, even when she doesn’t agree

Stop compromising on her beliefs

Stop compromising on her dreams

Talk and ACT like the FORCE that she is.

The Paparazzi Party isn’t for everyone.

90% of people won’t see past the “party” aspect.

Although to be fair, that’s a pretty good reason to come!

But the truth is that MY guests will get it.

If you want to up-level, then it’s not about waiting for permission.

Or waiting to feel more confident,

Or looking for answers from outside of yourself.

It’s simply about being that person NOW.

Walk like them.

Talk like them.

Take the actions that they would take.

And do you know what?

It doesn’t have to be a “performance”.

Because you ARE that person.

You can give yourself permission.

You can build your OWN confidence by taking action.

And you already HAVE the answers.

And this party is the perfect place to introduce the NEW, BETTER version of yourself.

You might have heard people talk about “speaking things into existence”.

Or the power that words have to literally build your future. Say it, believe it, take action on it until it happens.

Well this is LIVING it.

The whole day is dedicated to you BEING that person.

I’ll admit, it’s kind of scary.

Because this is the point of no return.

Once you become that leader,

You need to be prepared…

For the people who will walk over hot coals to listen to you

The spotlight that will now shine on you and business

The pace that you find yourself moving forward.

Are you ready for that?

Do you REALLY want to be on the World Stage?

Or do you prefer the anonymity of being somebody who’s “familiar”, but never “Known”?

It’s time to make a choice.

And yes, you could put the choice off until tomorrow, or next month.

You could even miss the party and search for another, gentler way to step up.

But I’m just going to say what you already know, OK?

The longer you leave it to show yourself – the more lost you will become.

Because you were NEVER meant to hide

You came here to Play. All. In.

And the game is ON.

Find out how to get the ticket to YOUR party here: http://bit.ly/paparazzip



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