Why Your Ideal Clients Want You To Use Social Video Campaigns

Feb 24, 2017
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My video brings all the boys to the yard

I asked a few Facebook buddies of mine what they thought of when I said “Social Video Campaign” and I got an awesome array of answers, but none of them really hit the nail on the head.

That bothered me, because social video is one of THE most powerful tools that EVERY business can and should be using right now (I usually hate statements like that but this isn’t an exaggeration and you’ll see why later).

So, I’m writing this to offer some clarity around:

  • What social video is and why it’s a game-changer for ideal client attraction
  • Crucial elements to include
  • The key types of video content that can be used in a social campaign

This is a hefty post so let’s get stuck in, shall we?

What is Social Video?

In a nutshell, it’s video content that’s specifically designed to start a conversation. And then that conversation is carried on by your peeps, with others who are not part of your tribe but should be.


You post a video, one of your people comments on it and shares it with their network. Other people that you don’t necessarily know also comment and share.

Result: You’re now in front of a whole lotta new people who are actively engaging with you already.

I’m just going to type what you’re thinking right now…


Social is NOT the Same as Viral

When you think about how social video campaigns are designed to be shared organically to a bigger audience, it’s easy to think that you’re creating a “viral video campaign”. You’re not.

It’s incredibly difficult to purposefully plan a viral video campaign. And for service based businesses and brands, it’s not necessarily the best way to get results.

Social video is like inviting 10 of your friends to a private party and telling them they can bring a friend each, as long as the other friend isn’t a douche. You’ve got a group of people who have similar qualities, having an awesome time.

Viral video is like having the same party in a public bar where loads of people come in because it’s a great atmosphere but there are a few idiots there and a whole lot of people you’ve got absolutely nothing in common with. More importantly, they don’t care about your birthday, they’re just there for the band.

Social videos can absolutely turn viral. And that’s awesome. But if you really want to use video to attract the people who would be ideal to work with – you need to plan social video content.

Crucial Elements of All Great Social Videos

There are so many types of video that can be optimised for social campaigns and I’ll cover some of those in the next section. But before you think of what style of video you’re going to use, you need to think about:

A clear goal

There are two main reasons to use video:

  1. To build trust (educate)
  2. To build awareness (marketing)
  3. To promote (sell)

Sometimes there can be a crossover between each purpose, but there is ALWAYS one dominant reason and you need to have that clear in your mind before you do anything else. And while you might think that social video would be all about marketing and building trust, it can actually be amazing for selling.

Topic of video

Targeting is key. Remember, this is about having a conversation with people on a subject they care enough about to actually respond. You can’t do that unless you know what matters to your audience.

Once you know that, you can have meaningful conversations and build real relationships.

Interesting Angle

Think like a journalist. Look for the story in your content and think about the different angles you can come from. Will you show a client journey? Or a behind the scenes exclusive? How can you do that in a fresh way that will get people to pause long enough to actually let your video sink in and then have a conversation around it?

A general rule of thumb for video, and in fact, ALL content, you should look to do at least one of the following for your audience:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Evoke strong emotions
  • Challenge common thoughts and opinions


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube – They all feature video content. And they all like native content (content that’s directly uploaded to their specific platform rather than shared from another).

They also have wildly different restrictions on time limits for video. Tailoring your video to suit the platform and the audience on that platform will help you to send the same message out in a targeted way across various social media channels.

Once you’ve got those elements locked down, you can start to think about…

Types of Video That Are Perfect for Social Campaigns

If you want to get a conversation going, these are all excellent examples of how to do it:

I’m going to start with one form of video that’s hugely popular and that a lot of people might think of first when they talk about video as a marketing tool.

Live Video

It’s a no brainer. Live videos give your audience the chance to ask you questions and respond to your questions in real time. The very definition of having a conversation!

Live videos can contain a lot of the cross over I was talking about. You can educate people, building trust, and pitch at the end.

Webinars and live streams are both well known and effective examples.

Pre-Recorded Videos

I’m not gonna lie, these babies excite me. Mostly they excite me because I can see that this is the way things are going in the online space, but hardly anyone is using these video types to their full potential.

That means hella big opportunities for the people who go ahead and execute these well (I’m looking at you).

Ready? Let’s go!

#1 – How to Videos

Now I know these sound a little boring, but there’s all kind of cool stuff you can do with an how to video.

Have you ever seen a recipe video? You know the ones that are on a fast time lapse, they just chuck everything in the pot and show you exactly how to make something scrummy?

That’s an explainer video. It explains how you can do something.

And those things get SHARED. Like crazy.

Now you might not be in a business that uses recipes in a conventional sense, but I bet you have some kind of system or process that you teach your peeps, am I right?

Well why not turn that into an explainer video?

#2 – Testimonial/Case Study Video

Who doesn’t like a god testimonial? They show the world how awesome you are at helping people AND they make people feel good because they see the possibilities for themselves.

The problem with testimonial videos is that sometimes, it’ hard to create a conersation with them. I mean it’s kind of like somebody standing at the front of the room saying they’re awesome, dropping the mic and walking away.

So what do you do?

Firstly, you find the story in the testimonial that will resonate with your target audience. You pick out the most poignant parts of that story, and you arrange it in a way that really gets your audience’s cogs turning.

When you get it right, testimonial videos will get shared because people LOVE a good inspirational story.

How many times have you seen an inspirational video online and shared it with your friends? Exactly.

#3 – The Brand Movement Video

Do you stand for something in your business? Do your ideal clients stand for the same thing?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume the answer to both questions is “YES”.

That’s why this video type works for your audience like chocolate fudge cake works for hungry menopausal women. Delicious and irresistible – without the guilt!

When you have a strong message or mission, you can create a story around it that people fall in love with and will happily share with their network because it’s important to them.


Gary Vee has a strong message and ethos that he talks about passionately wherever he is. His videos get shared by people who believe the same thing.

When others see that message, if they resonate, they’ll share it too because it’s something they believe in.

Wrap Up

Let’s look over the main points again:

Social video campaigns are designed specifically to target your ideal clients and start a conversation with them. That conversation is carried on and passed between them to get more eyeballs on you and what you do.

To use social video campaigns effectively, you need:

  • Clarity around who you’re talking to, what you’re talking about, why people would want to be involved in the conversation and which platform you’re going to use
  • A fresh, interesting, or passionate angle to present your story
  • A reason for people to get involved in the conversation

But do your ideal clients WANT you to use social video campaigns? Isn’t that stretching it a bit too far?

Nope. They do actually want you to use them.

Because they like video, they LIKE learning which businesses can help them (whole other convo for a different blog post) and they LOVE being able to get to know you socially before they buy from you.

Your ideal clients want you to use social video campaigns!

Side Note

Remember when I said that social video was one of the most powerful tools that businesses should be using today?

Well if you look back over everything, you might notice that all of this advice is very similar for ANY type of content.

Creating highly targeted, shareable content for your business isn’t some new fad that’s just appeared.


The reason social video is so important is that video is the content that is literally being eaten up by people right now. Your people. My people. Everybody’s people.

So when you combine the most powerful content marketing strategy, with the most highly consumed content medium… What do you think will happen?

I said it before, and I’ll say it again:


What Works for You?

Did you see any video types that you could use in your marketing strategy right now? Or maybe you’ve been inspired but got some questions? Use the comments and let me know. I’m ALWAYS happy to answer questions and help if I can.

Thanks for reading, and if you think this is the opposite of complete garbage, please share!

Mem xx


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