You Don't Fit In

Oct 16, 2016
Posted by admin

I'll NEVER fit in...

Small talk in the school playground feels like having your teeth pulled out.

You’ve been known to go off on a tangent (read: rant) at friends and family who moan about their lives, but don’t seem interested in making a CHANGE.

You secretly know that people call you “crazy” or a “dreamer” behind your back and it makes you smile because you see both of those characteristics as GOOD traits.

You can be in a room full of the people that you love – and still feel as though you don’t quit fit in.

And that’s OK.

Because you’re not SUPPOSED to fit in.

The most successful people in the world STAND OUT.
The people who WANT to be the most successful STAND TALL.

We know that not everyone will get us.
We know that we’re not here for mediocrity.
We know that we have the ability to CREATE the life that we want.

In truth, everyone does.

But we’re different.
Because we SAID we WOULD.
And we MEAN it.

That’s why we work 12, 13, and 14 hours a day – even though friends think we woul be better off getting a job.

It’s why we continue to get back up,

Even when it feels like our hearts are broken and our souls are destroyed.

It’s why every time we fail – we take the lesson and keep PUSHING.

Because for US,
To stand still is to DIE inside.

So no.
In the “normal” world,

You don’t fit in.

Neither do I.

Neither does Gary V, Marie Forleo, Oprah Winfrey, Frank Kern, or anyone else who is at the TOP.

Because how can you fit in with the crowd – when you LEAD the crowd?

How do you fit in when everything about you is extraordinary?

You don’t.

You embrace the fact that you were never here to fit in. To blend. To NOT be seen or heard.

And instead of trying to fit in,
You start to make connections with the people who are travelling their OWN extraordinary path.

And you start a movement.

You are a FIERCE creator. A creator of your own future.
You don’t wait to be handed something,
You set it in your mind,
And then you go get it.

The best news? There are others like you.

Join my brand new (free) Fierce Creators group.

You won’t fit in there.

But you WILL find people who revel in being just as extraordinary as you are.
And we don’t hide it.

We celebrate it.

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