Paparazzi Party

When you see your future, what are you doing? What are you saying? How are you showing up every day?

The future is a myth.

It’s time to start living, having, and BEING that vision NOW.

And it’s time to do it in style…



The Paparazzi Party

This is a party of Epic proportions.

It’s the day you will remember forever.

I’s the day that you TRULY live the life you were meant to have.

And it’s the day you UNLEASH the LEADER inside of you FULL FORCE.

But that’s the Grand Finale.

It’s the celebration.

Before we get there, we need to:

Find your POWER

I’m not talking about skillset here. Everyone has a skillset and actually, basing a business around your skillset alone will leave you exhausted and nowhere close to where you want to be.

And I’m just going to assume here, that where you WANT to be is:

Centre stage in front of your true tribe, impacting millions with your TRUTH.

And obviously making incredible amounts of money.

This is where your power comes in.

Your power is the thing that drives you to keep going when it would be oh so easy to give up.

The message you have to share that you KNOW will change lives.

The vision you have that holds fast, no matter WHO tells you that it’s impossible (and yes, we’ve all had those comments and my number one free tip for that is; fuck it off. Don’t listen to the negativity).

Your skillset will help you bring the vision, message, and impact to life. But it’s your POWER that people will connect with.

Start Living in the Future

Let me know if you’ve ever thought or felt like this:

“When I’m doing well/making more money/have a bigger list, I will:

  • Have more confidence
  • Share my message all the time without fear
  • Reach out to potential clients when I see them struggling and build relationships
  • Sell my shit daily
  • Be myself unapologetically


WHY are you waiting to do all those things?

I’ll tell you.

Because somewhere along the way, you DECIDED that you weren’t enough right now. Whether the reason was because of a stupid comment you heard or because you were “taught” that you have to do things in a certain way to build your business – the fact remains:


Am I telling the truth?

Of course I fucking am.

Maybe you DO believe that you have what it takes.

But you think you need to build on something, learn something else, grow more…

But you don’t.

You have everything it takes to be who you came here to be.

Right. Now.

Do What You Came Here To Do

What’s your vision?

To speak on stage in front of thousands of people?

To create online courses that change millions of lives?

To work with the best of the best?

Whatever it is – it’s high time you started to do it, don’t you think?

But to do that – you HAVE to be that all powerful person your tribe looks up to.

You HAVE to show the world that you’re here and You. Are. STAYING.

No more time for shitty limiting beliefs.

No more time for putting 99.9% of yourself out there.

It’s time to UNLEASH.

And here’s HOW:

The Paparazzi Party

This is your chance to LIVE in the future. You’ll get:

  • Hair and Makeup done like a Film Star (after all, this is your own personal success movie).
  • Micro photoshoot
  • Paparazzi style photos being taken throughout the day
  • Dinner and drinks on me at a top Manchester Eatery
  • Snacks and drinks provided in the Hotel suite

Before the day of the party:

3 Hour 1:1 POWER call

You and I will get together on Skype to talk about your power.

Once we find your power and it’s so strong we can taste it – we’ll move on to think about the person who OWNS that power unapolagtically.

We’ll cover message, style, hair, makeup, and anything else we need to. We’ll also plan out your micro shoot, talking covering everything from feeling you want to create to locations and style of shots.

The Backstage Group

You’ll get access to a private Facebook group for all the Paparazzi Party guests. In the group, I’ll be holding live calls to talk about how you can start using your new found power and image right NOW to create massive impact online.

Think visibility, copy tips, campaigns and other deliciousness.

You’ll also get to meet the other high rollers who will be at the party. Because you know that when you get 10 DRIVEN people together in one place, the earth SHAKES!

Day of the Party

The party will take place on Tuesday 8th December

You, me, 9 other badasses and my team of stylists and photographers meet at a Luxury Hotel Suite in the centre of Manchester, UK.

Once everyone has settled, we’ll get started on hair and makeup.

Anyone who’s not having their hair and makeup will be masterminding and hustling. Think of a combination between getting ready with your best friend for a night out, planning how you’re going to break the 7 figure mark in your business. I know… EPIC, right?

We head out in FORCE!

In true Paparazzi style, the photography team will be snap happy as we own the streets of Manchester.

For the guests that decided on a “City power walk” style micro shoot, you’ll be getting plenty of opportunity to show off your sass on the way to our destination.

When we get to our destination – it’s party time.

Music, food, drinks, and conversations that light up the room like a lightening show!

A few more snaps and then we head back to the suite in a stretch limo.

We’re back in the suite and everyone is winding down.
The only thing left to do is have a quick round of intentions.

You’ll take the biggest, baddest ideas you’ve had through the day. The ones that spoke to the very CORE of you.

And you’ll set the intention in front of your fabulous leader friends before we all go our separate ways.

** After Party…

Don’t you just hate going home after the party?

Well even though you WILL be at home – the party continues with these bonuses:

Bonus #1
I’ll be sticking around in the group for 6 x fortnightly hangouts to make sure you’re ACTING on your intentions and providing support if you need it.

Bonus #2
Can you keep a secret?

I’m going to be releasing the “World Stage” digital magazine in January 2017.

And I’ll be interviewing YOU for that first edition. That means your story, your power, and your business will have a different Launchpad.

This isn’t the party where you wake up the next day and wonder what the hell you did the night before.

This is the party where you wake up the next day feeling like you can take on the WORLD.

And you will!

Get your ticket here:

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There are TWO SPECIAL bonuses for my serious go-getters!

Go-Getter Bonus #1

When you pay in Full, you’ll get FREE access to the Momentous Impact Course (Worth £3,000).

This is a 6 week course that will (shockingly enough) give you the tactics, ideas, and energy to create momentous impact online. We’ll turn your hit and miss online marketing and sales funnels into creative campaigns that will rival the big brands.

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Go-Getter Bonus #2

The FIRST TWO people to get their invite (must pay in full) to the Paparazzi Party will get a half day photoshoot at a location of their choice (UK only for now) for their very own STARLIGHT Campaign! (Worth £4,000).

You Are More

Stop waiting around to be more and realise that you ARE more. In fact you’re EVERYTHING you need to be.

But PLEASE stop holding back.

Step into the shoes of that fearless leader you have inside you (we’ll be picking the shoes out on our POWER call!), stand tall, and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!


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